Register, register & register

The latest newsletter from the Half Ton Class Europe has just been released.

It is specially intended to those amongst you that are planning to take part in the 2022 Half Ton Classics Cup: we need you to register!

Also, for teams that did not yet consider taking part: please re-consider and … register! 

And just to remind you: the event is open to all halftonners, from the ‘top notch’ racers to the vintage unmodified halftonners and series boats. After all, the most glorious trophy is the ‘Half Ton True Spirit Trophy’…

The Class remains very active in her aim to gather a consequent and attractive fleet for the next HTCC in Cowes (14-19 August).

At this moment we are negociation with a potential main sponsor, which is a good development for the event and the Class. But still your suggestions for other potential partners are welcomed. So if you have some guidance for us, please contact us…

You as well you play a major role in the Class, and one of the main actions you can take now is to register for the even: this will allow us tob etter organize the event and to guarantee its success.

The Notice of Race is published here:

You can register your boat & team for the event at this link:

We urge you to register as fast as possible: it is a fact that the longer the list is, the more teams will register and so will ensure a financially viable event.

Plan your stay as from today – the Class counts on you all!

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