Entry List

Entry list at 8 August 2018

A+ Nissen 1985 Albert Pierrard & An Callens
BALLERINE Briand 1985 Patrick Dubus
BLUE BERRET Pi / Team Italia Berret 1989 Jérôme Spilleboudt & Massimo Morasca
CHECKMATE XV Humphreys 1985 David Cullen
ENVOL Joubert 1980 Maël Danis
FANTASY Humphreys 1980 Ian Van Burm
FARTHER BRUIN Farr 1977 Jan-Jakob Muyls
GENERAL TAPIOCA Berret 1978 Philippe Pilate
HALF DUKE / Team MMS  Holland 1976 T. Janquart & Ladies Sailing Team for MMS*
HARMONY Humphreys 1980 Jonny Swan
HEAD HUNTER Van de Stadt 194 Paul Wayte
PER ELISA Ceccarelli 1992 Robbie Tregear
PETIT IZOÏ Holland 1976 Greg Bargibant
RAMPAGE Briand 1985 John Hicks
RED CLOUD Joubert 1981 Tom Florizoone
SPIP Humphreys 1984 Thibaut Martin
WAVERIDER Davidson 1977 Jacques Lemaire
SKIPPY’S TON Briand 1984 Nicolas Lejeune
SUPERHERO Andrieu 1988 Toni Stoschek & Janne Tukolas


3 Responses to Entry List

  1. David Oliver says:

    Does any of your mebers know the builder of about 30 half tonners built in Norway to a humphrey’s design and the name og the class.

    • Klas says:

      The builder was Nesmar and the model was “Nessy”. There where 38 boats built 1982-85 from which the first 4 (Tina II(proto),Spirit(UK), Odin’s Ravn and Fastina Feste had a racing cockpit. No one of them qualified for the HTC83 in Norway although the UK-based boat Spirit took part in HTC87 finishing 26 from 27.

  2. David Evans says:

    Raced against Spirit in the 80’s at Cowes and Burnham in my old Hustler SJ30 Hullabaloo (not my current Hustler 32) and later in Harmony after she became Harmony 87 following considerable modification for Peter Dyer her owner, by Marcus Hutchinson. Spirit was very comparable in performance to Harmony, whether that would hold true now Harmony has been fully modernised is a moot point, Harmony has her huge length in her favour wearas Spirit looked noticeably shorter around 29.5 ft I’d guess.

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