The Countdown has begun

On Monday 15th August, which is exactly 159 days from today, the 12th Half Ton Classics Cup will start on the Solent, somewhere on Hills Head Plateau we guess, just off Cowes. We will all have been waiting nearly 3 years for that moment…

The Half Ton Class Europe and the RORC Cowes will do all that is within their possibilities to make it a great event, and we count on you all to prepare your halftonners, select the finest crew and make all the necessary arrangements for your stay in Cowes.

Last time, back in 2011, some 38 halftonners made it to the starting line, and there was great racing, with Chimp finally taking the much coveted Half Ton Classics Trophy. We all remember the hilarious prizegivings by Richard Hollis who always had the right prize for the right boat, including a small kid’s bucket and shovel for the top French boat that was stuck on Ryde Sands and hence missing out on a likely victory in the long distance race around the island…

Let the weather be fine, the winds fair… and the participants numerous!

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