On Monday 15th August, which is exactly 51 days from today, the 12th Half Ton Classics Cup will start on the Solent, organized by RORC Cowes and the Half Ton Class Europe (HTCE).

Today, the Half Ton Class Europe is proud to announce that the Antwerp-based shipping company FAST LINES BELGIUM ( has stepped on board as main sponsor of the event.

Founded in 1991 the Fast Group is a complete logistic service provider giving their customers “Sofa Style Service”, operating a fleet of 5 boxshaped coastal vessels with a cargo capacity ranging from 3.000 to 3.500 Ton, allowing most types of breakbulk cargo to be shipped conveniently, safely and cost-effectively. Because they are shallow drafted and suitable for river trade these vessels are able to discharge 40-50 kilometers inland from the normal larger ports on the main coastline(s).

Fast Lines Belgium is 100% controlled by the family Scheers. Since 2003 Catrien Scheers and Yvan Vlaminckx are at helm of Fast Group.

The Fast Group has offices in Belgium, Poland, Ireland and the UK, and they operate two terminals in Szczecin (Poland) and one in Drogheda (Ireland). These vast terminals with insulated covered warehouses enable them to handle an extensive range of commodities such as steel products, general cargo, timber, forestry products, chemicals in bulk, packed chemicals, etc.

In March 2020 Fast Lines Belgium started a Liner Service between Antwerp and Drogheda in Ireland (Fast Terminals). This liner service handles all kind of breakbulk and general cargoes such as steel products, bagged material, palletized goods, project cargoes, etc.

The Half Ton Class Europe is looking forward to combine their passion for sailing vintage amateur crewed yachts with FAST’s key values of loyalty, communication, environmentally friendly multimodal transport and passion for the sea in general.

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