Day 5 – Sailing Photos


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Prize Giving At 16.00

Burt has advised us that the Half Ton Classics Cup 2018 Prize Giving is scheduled for 16.00.

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Thank You Nieuwpoort!

We have been made to feel so at home and welcome here in Nieuwpoort this week and we would just like to say a huge thank you to the members and volunteers of the KYCN, the Belgian Half Ton fleet and the organisers of the Half Ton Class Europe for creating such a wonderful regatta. With friendly faces and a can do attitude this team of friends and family have pulled out all the stops to make a truly memorable event, produce terrific racing and host some knock out parties.

Neiuwpoort is an interesting town and full of quirky and interesting bit of architecture and sculpture. Built on sand dunes, there is a historic heart to the town upriver and a very modern beachside area with great shopping and restaurants at the coast, as well as more boats and marinas than you can shake the proverbial stick at. Do visit if you get the chance.

One of the things we’ve loved looking for each day are the little statues hidden on the big pilings which line the main channel into the harbour.  Each day I look forward to spotting the garden gnome, the pussy cat and these two who are always there, watching out to week for the safely returning boats.


They tell us that if you hunt at low tide you will find a mermaid too but we have yet to find her!

Thank you Nieuwpoort – we will be back!

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Day 4 Interview

While we wait for official confirmation of the results here is a lovely little interview we did with the Farther Bruin boys last night following their great Long Inshore race.

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Race 8 – Finish

What a great final race to finish on!  It was nip and tuck all the way with Per Elisa leading at the first mark from General Tapioca with Checkmate third, Superhero fourth, Red Cloud fifth, Headhunter sixth and Harmony seventh.

The sun was out, the wind was in the mid teens gusting to upper teens at times and there was a big confused sea running which made for spectacular seat of the pants sailing.

Checkmate sailed a great run and second beat to head the fleet at the second weather mark by half a dozen boat lengths and then defended her position all the way to the finish. Per Elisa hung on for second finishing just ahead of Harmony with General Tapioca fourth home.

As they crossed the line they could see the AP over H flags flying on the committee boat indicating that there would be no further racing and so the fleet headed home.

We are awaiting official confirmation of the results, but it looks like Irish eyes will be smiling.


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SPIP Not Sailing Today

We’ve just had a quick chat with the team from SPIP who tell us that sadly they have had to pull out of today’s races.  While checking the boat this morning they spotted a problem with the deck collar of their mast, which has become loose. Bearing in mind the strong winds and big seas expected to day they have wisely decided not to go out.

Thank you SPIP for being such wonderful fun competitors – we will miss you out there today!IMG_1132

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Welcome To The Final Day!

IMG_1915Good morning everyone and welcome to the final day of the Half Ton Classics Cup 2018 in Nieuwpoort where we are all set for a spectacular showdown.  We have sun, we have plenty of wind, we have big seas, and we have a tightly packed leaderboard with everything to play for!

We have the first start planned for 10.30, and a final start cut off time of 13.00 so every chance of sailing two final races to decide the series.  With the breeze forecast to be up towards 20 knots from the south west and very big seas it’s going to be an exciting day (probably too exciting – and wet – to achieve on the water updates but we will try).

Here’s a quick recap of where we are going into the day:

1.  Checkmate XV – 2, 6, 6, (11), 2 , 1, 1.5 = 18.5
2.  Per Elisa – 1, 1, 1, 4, 4, (20), 12 = 23
3.  Harmony – 6, 8, (8), 1, 3, 2, 3 = 23
4.  Waverider – 4, 3, 2, (10), 5, 3, 7.5 = 24.5
5.  Red Cloud – 3, 4, 4, 3, (6), 4, 9 = 27
6.  Superhero – 5, 5, 5, 2, 1, (6), 10.5 = 28.5
Good luck to all the competitors and stay tuned!
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Day 4 – Report

Day four’s Long Inshore Race at the Half Ton Classics Cup 2018 in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, proved to be both an incredibly closely fought battle between the top boats and a game changer in the overall standings. With the race carrying a weighting of 1.5 points and being non-discardable, and with only two further races still to sail the pressure was on everyone to achieve good results.

The morning dawned overcast once again, but as the boats arrived in the race area the wind was already at 8-10 knots from the south west and building. Race Officer Paul Charlier set a course which would take the boats back and forth along the Belgian Coast going as far west as the Nieuwpoortbank Buoy and as far east as the Binnenstroombank Buoy off Oostend, giving a course of 32 miles, which took the leading boats over five and a half hours to complete.

DT2C4865Having started cleanly at the first attempt and with only a short distance from the line to the laid weather mark the fleet converged in a tightly bunched pack. Philippe Pilate’s General Tapioca had a small lead as they approached, but underestimated the tide and understood so had to tack onto port to get round. Behind them David Cullen’s Checkmate XV had judged the starboard layline perfectly and Tapioca had to tack back before she had really got pace up to avoid them. Tapioca just made it round the mark by bearing away hard to keep their transom clear, but then made the mistake of staying low when in fact the tide made the leg a starboard one tack beat. Checkmate held high, rapidly rolling Tapioca with Toni Stoschek & Janne Tukolas’ Superhero, Albert Pierrard & An Callens’ A+ and Jonny Swan’s Harmony right on their tail, followed by a big gaggle of boats including Patrick Dubus’ Ballarine (who hit the laid mark), Tom Florizoone’s Red Cloud and John Hicks’ Rampage.

DT2C4941Those who spotted Tapioca’s mistake and held high on the short second leg made it across to Westroombank in one starboard tack, but those who went low were forced to tack in on port making for plenty of excitement in the final approach. Checkmate had a couple of boat lengths lead and was followed round by Superhero with Tapioca now down to third, Harmony fourth, Robbie Tregear’s Per Elisa fifth and A+ sixth.

The next leg was a tight reach to Middlekirkbank with the building ebb tide making it tighter still, and judging the compromise between hight and pace was the key to success. While Checkmate hit the middle ground to defend her position Harmony, Tapioca and Per Elisa stayed low as others went high. As they came round Middlekirk Checkmate had successfully defended her narrow lead, but the decision to go low had paid off and Harmony was right behind her with Tapioca third and Superhero fourth. Red Cloud had sailed an excellent leg to pull up into fifth with Per Elisa sixth and A+ seventh.

DT2C4800Next up was a port one tack beat to D1 where they tacked round onto a predominantly starboard tack beat over to Neiuwpoortbank. Choosing where to put in the short tacks on the leg to Nieuwpoortbank was critical with a number of boats loosing out and others gaining significantly. As they turned downwind A+ had picked the tacks perfectly to lead, but with Tapioca, Checkmate XV and Harmony yapping at their heels.

On the leg to D1 Rampage was making good time until their guard wire snapped and all the hiking crew found themselves taking a surprise dip. Fortunately everyone managed to hold onto something so no one lost contact with the boat and they were rapidly able to self recover and continue racing, although General Tapioca and several others were in immedate radio contact and standing by to offer assistance if needed.

DT2C4771From Nieuwpoortbank the fleet bore away onto a fast reach for WK3 before bearing away again onto a long run back past Nieuwpoort to Binnenstroombank off Ostend. With the wind now gusting up to 20+ knots it was a spectacular surfing leg with a few thrills and spills along the way. One unexpected thrill and near spill happened to Jan-Jakob Muyls’ Farther Bruin (Farr 1977) as they came to the leeward mark. A tourist boat had come out from Ostend and decided to watch the racing, but got a little too close to the mark blocking their way and avoiding action had to be taken. Quite what the tourists all thought of the mad Belgian’s apparently piroueting in front of them we do not know, but for sure they were not happy with the ferry captain!

The final beat west back to finish at the Westroombank against the tide gave the option of sailing up the middle of the beat over the bank or going left and hitting the shallows inshore. A+ chose the shore and more than 20 gruelling tacks later they had passed five boats.

DT2C4727At the line General Tapioca led the fleet home followed by Checkmate XV and Harmony, but on corrected time Checkmate XV had taken a comfortable victory by a minute and fifty two seconds. It wasn’t until the boats were ashore that second place could be confirmed with Harmony beating General Tapioca by just two seconds. The stonger winds suited the Vintage IOR boats which still sail in close to original IOR configuration and despite their encouter with the tourist boat Farther Bruin sailed a superb final leg to take fourth place overall and first Vintage from Jacques Lemaire’s Waverider in fifth. Red Cloud was sixth, Superhero came home seventh and overnight leader Per Elisa was eighth, her worst result of the regatta.

With the Long Inshore having a points weighting of 1.5 its results have shaken up the overall leader board.  David Cullen’s Checkmate XV now moves into the lead with 18.5 points. Tied on 23 points are yesterday’s overnight leader Robbie Tregear’s Per Elisa and Jonny Swan’s Harmony with Per Elisa taking second place on count back. Jacques Lemaire’s Waverider is just 1.5 points behind them in fourth with Tom Florizoone’s Red Cloud in fifth on 27 points and Toni Stoschek & Janne Tukolas’ Superhero now dropping from second to sixth on 28.5 points, still well within striking distance of the podium.

DT2C4673In the Vintage Divison for boats still sailing in largely IOR format (limited modifications to their rigs and foils are permitted) Waverider continues to lead the fleet and now has an almost unassailable lead of 9.5 points. Ian Van Burm’s Fantasy is in second place, 3.5 points ahead of A+ and four ahead of Nicolas Lejeune’s Skippy’s Ton. The Vintage fleet is newly introduced for 2018 and is proving a popular new addition with some terrific racing amongst the fleet and a super camaraderie amongst these owners who enjoy the challenge of maintaining their boats as close to original as possible.

After racing the crews came together for the traditional Half Ton Classics Cup Gala Dinner at the  Koninklijke Yacht Club Nieuwpoort. But before that they all took part in another Half Ton favourite – The PopPop Boat World Championships. PopPop boats are traditional little tin boats which are steam driven using a tealight to heat a tank of water to drive a propeller. They get their name from the distinctive noise that the tiny single cylinder engine makes and they race along a special twin track course. Despite nearly eight hours afloat today the teams threw themselves into the competition and the usual attempts at cheating ensued, but ultimately fair play was achieved and the Rampage crew narrowly beat the Checkmate XV crewed to be declared 2018 PopPop Boat World Champions.

P1040205The championship concludes tomorrow, Friday 24 August. Although technically three races remain to be sailed, the fact that racing can’t start before 10.30 and that there is a final race start cut off time of 13.00 means that in reality only two races are really possible to decide this closely fought series and decide who will take home the Half Ton Classics Cup this year.

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Images From Guest Photographer

Thanks to for these great images from the regatta. Please visit Jerard’s website and Facebook pages for more images.

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Photos Day 4

Here are some photos from the early part of today’s seventh race. More images will be uploaded to at the end of the regatta.


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