Fast Lines Half Ton Classics Cup: when Cowes weather returns, the Jedi returns too

Third day Fast Lines Half Ton Classics Cup, and finally enough wind from midday on to sail three series.

Two Windward-Leeward courses and a ’round the cans’.

Look who’s here

The Swuzzlebubbleteam of David and James Dwyer has clearly found the gear lever again, because after a surprising ninth place yesterday, they put down a fantastic 1/1/4 today.

King One (team Patrick Boardman -IRL) did get a win yesterday, but with 3/3/2 Swuzzlebubble still has to lead in the overall ranking, despite the equal points.

From the group that dominated yesterday’s race, Hullabaloo XV (team David Evans) managed to stay in the top five by – very much to his own surprise – winning the last race of the day.

Of course, he knows the Solent like the back of his hand and was also the sailor who predicted the sailing wind in the full wind silence, early in the morning

The French Hafajet team also jokingly sat down for the barbecue. The Treussard team has also clearly read the manual for sailing in the Solent. They climb from 14 to 4 in the general ranking.

Fresh blood

Six minus eighteen years sailors sail on various Half Tonners in this championship. They are allowed to sail outside the IRC crew restrictions. Hopefully they will gain so much experience here, says Half Ton Class organizer Bert Janssen, that we will see them again in the coming years with their own halftonner.

The class does everything it can to assist and thorough advise about available boats, gear, how to run a campaign etc.  For the time being, they received a special chocolate cup. They’ll need the energy.

Overall results: CLICK HERE

The complete photo album: CLICK HERE (C) Pit De Jonge

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