Half Ton Classics Newsletter 1/17

IMG_7791Dear Half Tonners & Friends

This is the first newsletter of the year 2017. In view of the event that will mark our summer, we have so many things to tell you…


The local organization committee led by David Cullen has been working very hard and we’re extremely happy to present the final version of the Notice of Race and the 2017 Entry Form. 

With the present entry conditions in mind (lower entry fee, reductions on ferry transfers) we hope that a big number of ‘continental’ Half Tonner teams will decide to make the voyage to Kinsale this summer.

As you will also read in the NoR, one of the conditions to enter the HTCC 2017 is that you ‘are a fully paid up member of the Half Ton Class Europe’. A what? Let us explain that in the next paragraph…

THE 2016 AGM – In November 2016 all active members of the Class were invited to attend the Annual General Meeting in Nieuwpoort (BEL). We were very happy to see representatives from Falmouth, Brittany and East Coast boats, as well as the usual faces from the local Belgian fleet.

After a brief look int0 the past to ensure we did the right thing in 2016, we looked forward to the next racing season and its apotheosis in August: the next Half Ton Classics Cup. A nice presentation prepared by David Cullen gave us a good idea of what to expect.

We also took a closer look at the Class’ financial situation and all attendees agreed to a proposal to start with a kind of official membership. An annual membership fee of 50 EUR will be asked of the active members. In return the Class will provide you with a Class bow sticker.

We reviewed the technical requirements for Half Tonners, and decided that they were OK as they are, so no major changes here. The Class is very happy with the current Class life, and will closely monitor this in order to avoid an arms race as witnessed in the last years of the IOR. A result of this is that in the near future there will be Class band limits. We are thinking of, for example, an upper band limit of 0.965/0.97 IRC rating. A final proposal will be presented to you during an owners meeting in Kinsale.

We also decided to create a more formal Class Association, complete with a proper bank account number and so… In the next newsletter we will provide you with all the details.


It is a fact: other regatta organizers are also quite active which is quite interesting for you as it allows you not only to fill your sailing agendas, but also to better prepare for Kinsale… A nice calendar is included in the GA presentation.

Fair winds, a good health and do not forget to practice (sailing)…

Best regards,
Philippe & Bert

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1 Response to Half Ton Classics Newsletter 1/17

  1. Peter Rutter says:

    How do we pay and join. Or are we already but i don’t think so
    Peter Rutter

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