It’s Day 3 And There’s A Strange Yellow Thing In The Sky!

P1020029Good morning and welcome to day 3 of the Half Ton Classics Cup 2015 in Nieuwpoort where at last the weather gods have remembered that it’s actually high summer and have sent us some sunshine!

We also have a really nice moderate sailing P1020026breeze so we are all set for a great day on the water.  At the briefing the race committee confirmed that it plans to run just two windward leeward races today so all the crews will be back on the dock in time for a late lunch and some well deserved R&R.

The dock is a hive of activity this morning as everyone finishes drying kit after the last two very wet days, makes last minute preparations and repairs and searches out the sun cream.

P1020028There are also plenty of rig checks going on this morning – probably in response to the sad loss of General Tapioca’s rig yesterday.

This morning Philippe Pilate has confirmed that it will not be possible to replace General Tapioca’s rig in time to race again this week.  It was the port V1, one of the main rod rigging stays, which broke just below the spreader.  “There was a huge bang and then on the next wave the mast just went.” he explained.

Philippe is the Half Ton Classics Class Chairman and General Tapioca has been a mainstay of the Half Ton fleet and one of its most successful performers so she will be much missed for the rest of the week.  Fortunately for us Philippe will still be with us overseeing things and acting as master of ceremonies.


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