It’s Fancy Dress Night Tonight

P1020012This evening it’s the infamous Half Ton Classics Cup fancy dress party, where the crews are asked to come dressed in “the character(s)” they most associate with their boat. The fantastic volunteers here in Nieuwpoort are already getting into the spirit as you can see from this shot of Anita who is distributing Belgian waffles to the crews and their friends on the dock.  The party kicks off at 20.00 but before that will be the daily prize giving at 19.00.

P1020015Some crews can’t wait though and A+ are already in the party spirit down on the dock celebrating surviving today’s heavy weather.

For others there are repairs to be done, boats to be bailed, sails to be folded and ropes to be coiled.  Aboard North Sea Three the mainsail is coming off as it needs to go into the loft to have the top part of the bolt rope reattached after it P1020013parted company with the sail.  And for everyone the inevitable washing and drying of clothes after a day where the rain and waves seemed to be competing for the right to soak the sailors to the skin.

But the spirits of the Half Tonners are never dampened for long so standby for some fancy dress pictures soon!

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