Change To Overall Results Following Appeal

In our final press release for the 2011 Half Ton Classic Cup (see below), we reported that the prize for third place was awarded to Concord with Insatiable fourth.

Having received a copy of the full results at the time of the prize giving Insatiable’s crew believed there had been an error in the scoring for the regatta and that they should have been awarded third place overall.  The believed the error related to redress awarded to Concord following an incident between Miss Whiplash and Concord earlier in the week.  This error only became apparent at the end of the regatta when the final results were published.

Having been refused a hearing by the protest committee at the event Insatiable took the matter to appeal with the RYA.  The RYA found that the refusal to hear Concord’s protest at the time of the event was incorrect as  the protest committee must hear all protests and requests delivered under rule 63.1. The exception in rule 62.1(a) does not apply, as Insatiable was not a party to the original hearing.

The RYA’s protest committee heard the appeal at the end of March and decided in favour of Insatiable on the basis that the awarding of points to Concord was not in accordance with RYA guidelines for redress and was also unfair to all other competitors in the fleet, which is one of the key considerations of granting redress and scoring in these situations.

Following recalculation of the results Insatiable is awarded third place overall in the 2011 Half Ton Classic Cup.


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