2011 Half Ton Classic Cup – Race Round The Island Finish Order

It was a real ghost up to the finish. Here’s the finishing order for the race round the island:-

1. Insatiable
2. Concorde
3. Per Elise
4. General Tapioca (very closely followed by)
5. A+
6. Chimp
7. Red Cloud
8. King One
9. Sevcon Team Chia Chia
10. Philemon
11. Blue Berret Pi
12. Chani
13. Waverider
14. Hullabaloo XV
15. Sibelius
16. Chartreuse
17. Blues
18. Miss Whiplash
19. Santa Evita
20. Beat And Run
21. Smiffy
22. Demolition
23. Fantasy
24. Sage
25. Alchemist
26. Ballerine
27. Envol
28. Skippy’s Ton (initially went the wrong side of Snowdon and had to go back around and refinish)
29. Scallywag III
30. Half Cap One
31. Crakajax
32. Fletcher Lynd
33. High Hopes (had a great battle with Harlequin on the final approach to the line)
34. Harlequin
35. Xandra
36. Strolch

Jo is working on the results for us now so we should have these for you shortly.

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