2011 Half Ton Classic Cup – Approaching Ryde Pier

It’s gone really light and the fleet is making very slow progress up towards Ryde Pier. Concord is leading boat with Per Elise second and several boats
unidentified yet on the portsmouth shore but its very tight and with such light airs could go anyone’s way.

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2 Responses to 2011 Half Ton Classic Cup – Approaching Ryde Pier

  1. Nick Healy. says:

    Great blogging commentry, it would be nice though, if you could post the time of posting to give us some idea of exactly is happening on the race track, at any given time. Thanks Nick.

    • fionabrown says:

      Hi Nick – just trying to figure that out now. If anyone out there is an expert on WordPress and knows how I get it to display please let me know. I’ve found the Settings page and have chosen the format I want the date and time to display but its still only showing the date. I think its something to do with the theme options so am looking at that now. Will keep working on it and in the meantime I’ll try to remember to put in some times manually as I post. Thanks.

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